Knowledge and information are all legal to obtain and share, especially regarding cannabis and other modern herbal medicines. The purpose of this page and community is to share knowledge about cannabis and other herbal medicines. Legalized bud is all information relating to cannabis, as the most legalized form of ‘bud’ is the bud of information you can pass on to sprout a journey of growth. The goal of this page is to bring together those whom also care deeply about the cannabis industry and cannabis education with the cannacurious users searching for answers about their cannabis consumption. From strain information to grow house tips, legalizedbud.com is all legal aspects of cannabis, in regards to cannabis education. The information on the site is subject to change as more research is conducted on cannabis plants as well as other modern   Entheogen Medicines [ psilocybin, ayahuasca , peyote, LSD & DMT]

Entheogen usage for religious purposes allows members of affiliated churches to consume psychedelics regardless of their drug classification. The use of Entheogens in this manner combined with the growing legalization of cannabis across the country; has opened the door to revisiting the experiments of  psychedelics for treatment of PTSD,  and trauma from the 1960’s.

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