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Many say that they feel consuming cannabis on a daily basis is an addiction to a drug, however certain people suffer from mental health problems which persist throughout their lifetime. Said people must be placed on the correct combination of drugs, paired with therapy to begin to heal or simple feel ‘normal’

 A day without consuming cannabis. 

Part of the daily consumption of cannabis is the stigma that comes with being high. Which is seen as just a way of ‘escaping’ from your problems as the main reason for consuming cannabis. Or even better the question of are you addicted to cannabis appear in the minds of daily consumers and their inner circles. I do not actively take tolerance breaks, to reset or smoke breaks just to have a clear head for a few days. For me the days I don’t consume are extremely difficult and its not because I fiend for cannabis or anything of the sort. I simply regress to the times where my anxiety, OCD, depression and ADHD ran rampant, leaving me stuck in tunnel vision cycles of avoiding things that will trigger my anxiety all the while worrying even more over impending deadlines. To cope with the ADHD I take a generic Adderall prescription, that keeps me focused, some times on the wrong things but it makes it easier to shift away from emotional turmoil causing me to break down. For my OCD, depression and anxiety, I realized that on an every day basis certain things trigger my depression, like anxiety, when the situations build up and the deadlines get closer I find myself pulling and cutting at the split ends of my hair. I have days where I become so focused on completing work that I simply forget to smoke, and by around 5 in the afternoon I would be a wreck from my anxiety or feel the encompassing of my depression creeping up. I become so depressed I forget that consuming cannabis is an option for depression and simply try to push through impending dread of a breakdown or full stop of movement from an accumulation of factors.  Daily consumption or trying to express how you need cannabis on a daily almost always result in you being stigmatized as an addict. Cannabis is not seen enough as a holistic remedy to not ignite the though process of wow you sound addicted. So this podcast is a story of what my life was like prior to cannabis consumption, what it is like now, and how I feel on days I forget to take my medication. Depression and anxiety both have pharmaceutical products that can be taken for treatment, The issue is stopping the medications, and figuring out which one actually works for you without leading to severe self harm.