Vlog – Decriminalization Vs Legalization

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While you can not die of a cannabis overdose however moderation, proper usage and knowledge of which type of cannabis is right for you are all important when it comes to cannabis.

This video gives a basic run down of what legal cannabis looks like, and explains the difference between decriminalization and legalization. NJ just passed legalization for adult use, but what does that mean exactly?

Outside of the local weed man, many have no real source for cannabis knowledge, when it comes to medicinal cannabis, what state you live in determines a great deal when it comes to accessibility of medical programs.
While I am all for regulations on cannabis to stabilize quality control the lack of care from local governments towards regulations of goods makes getting on board with legalization difficult. However the flip side is issues amongst the black market where there are higher quality products in some cases but no regulation and the source in conjunction with poor state mandated regulations which result in consumers being sick post cannabis consumption.

It doesn’t make sense to give the federal government the authority to legalize the use of cannabis on one side while attempting to regulate it on the other . The federal government should switch and not be the determining factor for legalizations, state by state rulings have worked, however lack of mandates on a state by state basis has left many states with poor medical programs.

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