Wikipedia Assignment

Projects that have more open ended outcomes are more difficult for me to complete because I am not sure when to move on but also am stubborn in finding the correct answer or completing one task out of the whole list. While this can be advantage in circumstances such as the Wikipedia project it can be a downfall. I have learned now when to pause myself at frustrations and reach out for direct help instead of getting utterly flustered at my lack of progress and miss a deadline. Part of learning to adjust with my ADHD post high school was understanding that one of my attributes was also one of my downfalls and how I can make sure it doesn’t impact my work too much anymore. When I first started the project I was a bit confused at all the information, most of it I felt was redundant in regards to understanding Wikipedia. Below are screenshots of notes I took during the training that I wish there was more focus on directly and not so much the journalist integrity aspect of the site.

 I am an advent user of Wikipedia and have been for several years, I have seen their credibility soar after a rough patch of troll editors, and thus being deemed not a creditable source. I have the nickname of encycloBRIdia because like an encyclopedia[,] I’m always learning  I have a base knowledge of a lot of subjects and can give the ‘cliff notes’ version of many topics. So hearing the stuff about plagiarism, not having a bias and fact checking all seemed like unnecessary details. I feel like I failed a bit by not getting more information and struggling with placing hyperlinks in [I am so sorry to the lovely coordinators of the project] and am pretty sure I left some broken links in there. I would highly suggest cross checking my edits and using the links in my references to help better the updating of the site.

I did learn a lot in the project and realized that finding the end year sometimes had to do with figuring out if the town of publishcation was correct in the case of Kitsap County Dispatch, I found the paper in Tacoma, and an end date there from an article that would imply a relocation of the paper of the paper at some point maybe? Or the name is name and not from that region of Washington? In person library searches could have been a bit more effective at finding the answer those questions. 

For K’zam I found that it actually was published by a radio station and the station shifted management and staff from the original all black staff and the publishcation dropped off. When the new staffing took over the original representation behind the magazine was unbeknownst them. 

I am proud that I found call numbers for The Rising Sun, even though I was unsuccessful at linking them.


Kitsap Edit

K’zam end date update

Call numbers for The Rising Sun,+wash.%29+1911-19%3F%3F

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